Winter Spice Home Fragrance Gift Set
Winter Spice Home Fragrance Gift Set

Winter Spice Home Fragrance Gift Set

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Product description:

Create a warm, cosy atmosphere in your home with our Winter Spice Home Fragrance Gift Set. Breathe in the gorgeous citrus scent of this warming home fragrance as notes of orange, clove and tonka bean float through your rooms. It also makes a stunning gift set for the home fragrance lover in your life!

Product specification:

• Set of 2 votives and a reed diffuser.
• With the scent of orange, clove and tonka bean.
• Part of our Winter Spice home fragrance collection.

How to use me:

Votives :

Trim the wick to between 1/8 and 1/4 inches long each time for a cleaner, brighter burn. Always let the top layer of wax melt all the way across to avoid your votive tunnelling and wasting wax. Place your votive on a flat surface and enjoy safely!

Reed Diffuser:

To make the most of this warming citrus scent, place the reed diffuser in a well-ventilated area, such as your hallway, allowing the home fragrance to travel throughout your rooms. Simply unwrap the reeds, place them into the scented oil and display in your home.

Product info:

Includes 1 reed diffuser, lasts up to 4 weeks, and 2 votives, each burns for up to 13 hours. Votive: 45g each. Reed diffuser: 30ml.